Please Help Jackie!

Posted by on Oct 12, 2015

I’m posting again about my friend Jackie and her GoFundMe campaign, because her update this morning (#37) blew me away.


Photo courtesy of Jackie’s GoFundMe page.

She recounts how, two years ago today, she allowed her primary care physician to help her finally address the eating disorder she’d struggled with since childhood. From there, she began to see a therapist and a dietician, and she eventually admitted to Monte Nido. I’ve only known Jackie for about a year now, but reading about where she was two years ago made it apparent to me how far she has come.

She is SO close to her fundraising goal. And she has done so much incredibly courageous work this summer and fall; it would be utterly tragic for that to be taken from her now simply because of money and an unjust insurance situation.

You can see Jackie’s full GoFundMe page here. Please consider donating or at least sharing her page on social media. Again, I don’t do this often (Actually, she is the only one for whom I’ve done this) — I believe in her and her recovery that much.

Thank you all <3 Enjoy the autumn weather.

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