Walk Unafraid: An Ode to 2015

Posted by on Jan 1, 2015

I’ve never been a resolution-maker.

It’s not that I’m against resolutions. I think my reluctance is simply because I know my attention span is unlikely to hold out for 365 days of focus. (As a side note, it’s hard to say whether my deadline-driven writing job I have in my “real life” is because of this characteristic, or in spite of it.)

However, given the journey I’ve been on for the entirety of 2014 (and part of 2013), it seems appropriate to reflect on at least a few goals for 2015. And I acknowledge (to myself, mostly) that no goal I set will be accomplished within the first week of January. (So stop your squirming, attention span.) That’s the tough reality of processes — they actually do take time.

There are the obvious goals of mine, which I’ve gradually been setting throughout treatment: keep moving forward in recovery, become braver in my food selections, cultivate respect for my body, establish a healthy exercise routine that strengthens rather than depletes my physical being. Overall, though, if I were to dare “resolve” something for 2015, it is to honor myself, in every form that this takes.

To honor myself, I will say what I mean, and mean what I say.

I will embrace my emotions rather than numb them.

I will pursue the intellectual activities about which I’m passionate, and which in turn fuel my passion for life.

I will follow the path that feels right for me, no matter how strange others perceive it to be.

I will live according to the values that I am both rediscovering and creating anew.

I will not diminish myself in the name of forced modesty, nor will I underestimate all that I still need to learn.

I will craft a spirituality that nourishes me-in-my-entirety, even if it takes a somewhat unconventional form.

Most importantly, though — the piece that will enable all of these other elements — I will listen to myself, to that quiet voice at the core of me that, whenever I truly heeded it, has never led me astray.

2015: Walk Unafraid

The song below is a cover of R.E.M.’s song “Walk Unafraid,” which was redone for the film version of Cheryl Strayed’s book Wild. This version is a bit theatrical, but good lord these ladies’ voices are pretty phenomenal.

In a nutshell, this will be my 2015:

I wish all of you health, happiness, blessings, and love in 2015.

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  1. I am so proud of the strides you have taken over the past year. I am inspired by your writings to continue on my path in recovery. One day at a time, we can overcome!

    • Thank you Sheree! And congrats to YOU for working toward recovery! KEEP GOING!! 2015 is going to be our year 🙂

      Much love, Joanna

  2. Wow Joanna, you Rock! This blog has made all the difference in the world to me. I have been stuck for in a recovery rut for well over a year. You have been honest and motivating in all you have written. One of the Instagrams you have posted really got me moving again. It said, “Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes.” Some how, everything has come together in the past few months and if feels so damn good. I love the recovery quote for today. I am going to write it on my bedroom wall and read it every morning.

    2015 is going to kick butt! I am so happy for you and all you do.


    • Robin, that is so wonderful to hear 🙂 Blogging helps me a lot in my recovery, but it makes me feel 10x better to know that it helps others as well. Thank you for the kindness of sharing that with me. And yes — 2015 is going to kick butt!! Keep doing awesome!!!!

      Much love, Joanna