Healing My Soul – Supporting Jackie

Posted by on Sep 7, 2015

Jackie Armstrong

Photo courtesy of Jackie’s GoFundMe page

I’m sharing a link with all of you to a GoFundMe page. The page has been set up to help a friend I met in treatment at Monte Nido.

(She didn’t ask me to share this, by the way – I just feel that strongly about her as person.)

I met Jackie last fall when we were in IOP at EDTNY, and our paths crossed again this summer at EDTNY, this time in PHP. It was deeply moving to watch Jackie confront the traumas that have fed her eating disorder. Her courage at mealtimes was especially remarkable, since these were the moments that some of her worst flashbacks would surface. She would push through anyway. I’ve never seen someone work as hard at treatment and recovery as I’ve seen Jackie work these last few months.

Unsurprisingly, her insurance (which might be Blue Cross Blue Shield? I can’t remember) has cut off her treatment. This situation is always unjust, but it seems especially so in Jackie’s case. She is the perfect example of someone who wants recovery with all her being, yet needs specialized support and resources in order to achieve that.

Jackie has very humbly began a GoFundMe page to help her pay for treatment at the intensive outpatient level of care. Insurance gave her six nights of IOP; most people do at least three months at the IOP level — and that’s without the additional trauma history to work through.

I don’t share these sorts of things often. Sadly, there are just too many out there. But I feel so strongly about Jackie’s ability and will to recover that I had to share. If you could meet her, I think you would feel the same way — she is a lovely, creative, and profoundly kind soul.

Please consider donating to help her reach her goal. Or, please considering sharing her page with groups and communities who might able to help.

We in the eating disorder community are working as hard as possible on the macro-level to change the way our society, and especially our healthcare system, views eating disorders in particular and mental illness in general. But that sort of change is going to take time. Until then, there are many ways to help on the micro-level — such as supporting individual people who deserve the chance to live full, meaningful lives.

You can find Jackie’s GoFundMe page, along with her periodic updates, here.

Thank you all <3