Does This Mannequin Make Me Look Fat?

Posted by on Jan 20, 2015

In terms of self-serving tactics from the fashion industry, I thought we’d seen it all, what with rampant photoshopping and the culture of eating disorders among its spokeswomen (a.k.a., models). Then, last week, we on the Proud2BMe Media Response Team were alerted by our editor Emma to the latest trend among retailers — visibly underweight mannequins.

Really? REALLY? Must we go to such ridiculous lengths to make people feel badly about what real human bodies look like?

mannequinApparently, yes. As I researched this bizarre trend for my post for Proud2BMe, I found out that the store that Emma told us about (Glassons) is just one of many that have come under fire for boasting malnourished mannequins. La Perla, Club Monaco, and the Gap (I know… *cries*) are among recent offenders.

If you think this is bizarre, well… read on. Click here to see my full post for Proud2BMe. In it, I talk about why emaciated mannequins are particularly problematic for our society’s already-low self-esteem, and what I think we should do about it.

And just FYI… There are images of the very thin mannequins in the Proud2BMe story. Be mindful, because — oddly enough — they can be quite triggering.

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